Why should you rent a car in Costa Rica ?

If you like travelling and exploring the world, Ettas Place is here for you. Choosing the best place to travel to can be confusing. That is why you need Ettas Place. They ensure that they give you the best content about nature, discovery, travel, and culture. Your first experience will make you want to choose them over and over again. You may need to rent a car at San Jose Airport in Costa Rica after discovering the place you want to explore. The Jumbo Car is what you should go for.
If you are wondering “how to rent a car in costa rica airport with Jumbo Car ?”, keep reading, in order to become able to find the best car rental services in Costa Rica. Jumbo Car provides its customers with the best cars to ensure that they get the best car rental experiences close to their chosen location. Their team is committed to making sure that they provide the best services.

How to Rent a Car in Costa Rica Airport with Jumbo Car ?

It is an easy process to rent a car with Jumbo car. After getting to their agency, you sign your car rental contract and then collect the vehicle’s keys.

Advantages of Renting a Car with Jumbo Car

They Provide Wide Range of Vehicles

The Jumbo Car rental agencies provide a variety of vehicles where you can choose the type of vehicle you want. They have small vehicles that can only move to places not too far, the SUV or 4WD cars and many more. The 4WD vehicles allow you to drive through all-weather roads and the mountains.

They Provide Cars that Suit Your Needs

The Jumbo Car rental agencies provide spacious, comfortable, and reliable vehicles with a great trunk. They provide you with the best rental car that suits all your needs from their wide range of vehicles. These vehicles are ideal for either professional or family purposes. Therefore, you can rent a car as an individual or a group of friends, family or colleagues.

They have Economy Car Hire

You can rent a car on a limited budget which is most suitable for couples to drive around town. However, economy cars have small boots; hence they cannot be ideal for driving on rough roads or mountains.


Ettas Place Services

Ettas Place gives the best to its customers to ensure that they get the most memorable experience from the best places of travel. They give you;

  • The best travel ideas. You definitely need the trip of your dreams. You might probably get confused about where you want to go. But Ettas Place helps you to figure out where you should go, establish a budget and consult a travel agent.
  • Ideas of what is needed for a successful trip. Travelling is not just about packing your suitcase and getting out. You need not ignore even the slightest aspects. Ettas Place advises on everything you need while going for a trip.
  • Information on the latest and newest places to visit. They ensure that they keep you posted on all trending places you could visit.


You should choose Ettas Place services to get the best travel ideas, know what you need when travelling, and keep you updated on the latest travel places. Renting a car with Jumbo Car can be easy as you only need to sign the rental car contract and the car keys are handed to you. Advantages of renting a car with Jumbo Car include :

  • Getting a car that suits your needs.
  • You can choose the vehicle you want their wide range of vehicles.
  • Getting an economy car hire.
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