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Sundance Kid

Also known as Harry Longabaugh, Sundance Kid was a swarthy, fun-loving man who led a charmed life and managed to escape punishment for many of his crimes. Sundance Kid began stealing horses and robbing trains long before taking up with Butch Cassidy. In fact, the nickname “Sundance Kid” came from time spent in the Sundance, Wyoming, jail as a teenager.

But, he was best known as Butch Cassidy’s right-hand man and an integral part of the Wild Bunch for most of its history. Although he was not known to be a killer, Sundance was deemed “the fastest gun in the West.”

His romantic interest in Etta Place led her to run off with Butch and him. The trio staged many heists in the United States before fleeing to South America. Butch and Sundance later returned to the United States and lived the rest of their lives in anonymity.

Butch Cassidy

Butch Cassidy was born in Utah and raised in a close-knit, loyal family, an unusual background for a robber and gunman. But, he quickly found the life of a thief exciting and profitable, and he robbed his first bank before his 24th birthday. The folk-hero leader of the Wild Bunch, he was intelligent, good-natured and a natural-born leader. He ran the gang as a business operation and preferred the name “Train Robbing Syndicate” over “Wild Bunch.”

Butch was a likable fellow who many called a friend. Although he was one of the most feared outlaws in the West, Cassidy never killed a man. His crimes were often more mischievous than brutal.

Butch also spent periods of life as a law-abiding citizen, and during those periods, he was considered a loyal employee and a man of his word.

Kid Curry

Kid Curry, or Harvey Logan, was a notorious outlaw even before hooking up with the Wild Bunch. He was known as the “wildest and toughest member of the Wild Bunch” and “the Executioner of the Wild Bunch.” Many people today believe that he was Butch Cassidy’s most trusted lieutenant, instead of Sundance Kid as legend has it.

He had a deadly reputation, a nasty temper and a contempt for the law. He picked up women in every town the gang visited, including his common-law wife, Annie Rogers.

Logan was involved in the famous robbery of the First National Bank of Winnemucca, Nevada, with Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid, and Will Carver.

Ben Kilpatrick

A part-timer with the Wild Bunch, Ben Kilpatrick hid out with the gang in Fort Worth after the robbery of the First National Bank of Winnemucca, Nevada.

A frequent visitor to Laura Bullion’s hometown of Knickerbocker, Texas, Kilpatrick took up with the good-looking and trustworthy Wild Bunch woman after the death of Will Carver.

Kilpatrick continued his outlaw ways until his untimely death in a 1912 train robbery.

Will Carver

Will Carver was an outlaw who drifted in and out of the Wild Bunch. He is best known for participating in the First National Bank Robbery of Winnemucca, Nevada, in September 1900. As he rode into Winnemucca for the holdup, Carver encountered a skunk that got the first shot. The lingering scent got the attention of the bank employees more than the guns.

Carver spent time with Laura Bullion, one of the Wild Bunch women. In fact, they were rumored to be on their honeymoon at the time of the Winnemucca robbery.

Annie Rogers

Annie Rogers was a Texas native who got caught up in the excitement of the Wild Bunch. While working at Fannie Porter’s, she met and quickly fell in love with Harvey Logan, also known as Kid Curry. She saw Logan as a way out of the life she led at Fannie’s establishment. But, unable to tame him, she never found the normal domestic life of her dreams. She was separated from Logan when he was arrested in Tennessee and wrote him love letters while he was in jail.

Annie remained on the other side of the law for the rest of her life.

Lillie Davis

Lillie Davis, a native of Palestine, Texas, entered the ranks at Fannie Porter’s establishment after deciding small-town life was not for her. Lillie saw Will Carver as her ticket to respectability, but she admitted that she did not love him. She claims they married in Fort Worth, in 1900, but no records verify it. And, less than a year later, Carver sent her home with money and gifts.

Lillie later told all she knew about the Wild Bunch, and her information gave detectives their first real profile of the gang.

Maude Walker

Maude Walker was the least-known of the Wild Bunch’s women. Hailing from St. Louis, she was also one of Fannie Porter’s girls. Maude paired up with Harvey Logan, but the relationship only lasted long enough for Harvey and her to join Will Carver and Lillie Davis on a trip to Idaho. Harvey never agreed to marry her, and she was left with nothing.

Laura Bullion

One of Fannie Porter’s girls, Laura Bullion grew up on a farm near Knickerbocker, Texas, a center of outlaw activity. In fact, her own father was a notorious bank robber. So, it is easy to see how Laura ended up on the wrong side of the law. In some circles, she was known as Della Rose, and that is how she came to be called the “Rose of the Wild Bunch.” Laura was married to Wild Bunch member Will Carver but took up with Ben Kilpatrick after Carver died in a 1907 shootout.
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